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W Hall Gardens provides garden services ranging from design through to planting, maintenance, pruning, and lawn care. No job is too small and both one-off and regular jobs can be catered for.


As a qualified gardener, I aim to use my knowledge, experience, and skill to improve customers' gardens. Usually this involves extending the flowering season of the garden, correctly pruning shrubs and trees to maintain their health and shape, carrying out scientifically proven pest and disease control that actually works, and of course keeping the garden tidy and free from weeds.  I also supply my customers with the most suitable plants either by growing them myself or by using specialist nurseries.


Maintenance schedules are normally based on weekly, fortnightly or monthly visits of 1 to 4 hours duration depending on the size of the garden. Maintenance tasks include, weeding, pruning, lawn care, hedge trimming, planting, feeding and mulching, leaf clearance, pest and disease control etc.


Small gardens typically require a 9 month season (March to November) while large gardens often require a full 12 month season. Small gardens may also benefit from one or two visits during winter for tasks such as rose and clematis pruning and pressure washing patios and paths.


Typically, taking on a new garden for regular maintenance will involve an initial clearance stage where overgrown areas are cleared, and the borders are cleared of weeds and unwanted plants. This is usually followed by a period of stabilisation where any emerging weeds are removed and any pest and disease issues are tackled. Finally, new plants can be added if required and the ongoing maintenance can begin.


For people who are unsure about the process of employing a professional gardener I would recommend reading this article at The Middle Sized Garden. There is also a lot more  information provided by The Gardeners Guild.  

Maintenance  -  Design  -  Renewal

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Garden design projects can be carried out for either whole or part gardens. The design process usually involves an initial consultation where the customer can discuss what they want from their garden in terms of hard and soft landscaped areas, plant types etc. This is followed by a site survey and a more in-depth discussion of the customers preferences in terms of specific materials and plants and some initial design ideas are tested. Finally, the customer is supplied with a design and plant list.


There is also the option to have W Hall Gardens install the garden once it is designed. Generally, I can install all soft landscaping (flowerbeds, lawns, etc) as well as short paths or fences, but large areas of hard landscaping (patios and driveways) need to be installed by a suitable contractor.


A plant list service is also available where I use my knowledge of both plants and local soil and climate conditions, to produce a list of suitable plants for customers who have new flower beds to fill or are renewing existing flower beds.

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Gardens or individual beds that have become overgrown or neglected can be cleared and where necessary replanted. Clearance can involve not only invasive weeds such as brambles, bindweed, and ground elder but also grass, shrubs and trees up to about 2m in height.  


The renewal service is usually used prior to the maintenance or design service but during quieter winter months can be carried out as a one-off service. Other winter services include pressure washing and fencing.



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